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Lot 109R Hotel Project

The developer of the Lot 109R hotel project will return to Town Council on September 18, 2008, for review of its Conceptual Planned Unit Development (PUD) Application. This is the second step of the Town’s five-step PUD application process. The development has changed considerably since this land use application process has begun and the development team is now presenting Scheme H to the Town Council for review and approval. In its hearing on June 17, 2008, the Town Council continued this application and directed the development team to materially reduce the overall mass and scale of the project. The prior version of the project plan is referred to as “Scheme F”, which was last reviewed by Town Council at the April 26, 2008 hearing. The following table is a comparison of key elements of new “Scheme H” and old “Scheme F” and shows the overall decrease of the apparent mass and scale of the Project. The revised plans in Scheme H, after reducing the project by two floors, address the concerns raised by Town Council, Planning Staff and much of the public comment, and create a project that is in keeping with the mass and scale of the surrounding properties in this area of the Village Center. 


Scheme F (April 26, 2008, Town Council)
Scheme H (September 18, 2008, Town Council)
Percent Change from Previous Application
Increase requested from by-right development
Maximum Height
86-feet 6-inches
69-feet 9-inches
19% reduction
7% increase requested
Maximum Average Height
11% reduction
2% increase requested
Building Footprint
27,399 SF
(13,024.44 SF greater than by-right – without 25% increase)
24,882 SF
(10,507.2 SF greater than by-right – without 25% increase)
19% reduction
73% increase
Requested Town Owned Open Space
13,024.44 SF
10,507.2 SF
9 % reduction
Building Area Above Plaza SF
150,285 SF
118,732 SF
21% reduction
Building Area Above Plaza Cu.Ft.
1,453,256 Cu.Ft.
21% reduction
Commercial Square Footage
18,400 SF
18,400 SF
Condo-hotel units (keys)
34% reduction
Parking spaces

 Questions about the project can be directed to the developer’s representative, Mollye Wolahan at  MWolahan@CDRTelluride.com.  Owners may submit comments on the proposed project to the Town Clerk of the Town of Mountain Village at kmontgomery@MtnVillage.org.


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